25 Heart-warming Before And After Photos Of Adopted Dogs

Have you ever adopted or thought of adopting a dog? It is probably one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Especially if the adopted dog comes from an abusive or near-death situation. The poor little tykes are shut away in shelters all the while looking for their “forever home”. And when that special someone walks into their lives, true magic happens. It’s remarkable to see the transformation food, love, and shelter can have on a dog as you will soon see in these 25 heart-warming before and after photos of adopted dogs.

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SpokeySource and Image: mentalfloss.com

Spokey, a Labrador hound mix, was found in rural West Virginia. Despite having been taken just one day after her adoption, the second picture shows it made a big difference in her life.


Little Betty

Little BettySource and image: onepicturesaves.com

Little Betty´s original heartless owners left her behind. However, her current look suggests she has found her forever home.



PillowSource and image: reddit.com

While at the animal shelter, Pillow was often taken out by families but nobody wanted to adopt him. Until one day, Reddit user Gniwa convinced his parents to adopt the poor dog. Pillow is now a very happy puppy.



KenziSource and image: earthporm.com

Rescuers found Kenzi badly injured, neglected and abused. But with love, nutrition, and a whole lot of nurturing; Kenzi regained her health at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio.



Dexter Source and image: thedodo.com

Weighing just 19 pounds (8.6 kg) when adopted, Dexter was very timid and shy. Now at 65 pounds (30 kg), he is a confident and playful dog.

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