25 Hilarious Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket (That You Shouldn’t Use)

No one ever wants to be pulled over for speeding, but the truth is, sometimes we are. And sometimes, when faced with the possibility of a ticket, people will say or do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, to get out of it. Here are 25 hilariously hilarious ways to get out of a speeding ticket that you should never, ever use. We here at List25 do not condone the use of ANY of these “tactics” and are not responsible for anything that happens if you decide to forgo common sense. Seriously…DON’T USE THESE!

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Change the subject.


While the officer is talking to you, try to change the subject of your conversation. For example, try to talk to him about dogs, donuts, or other topics that he might find engaging.


Say that you are already late to work.


The officer should let you go if he knows you’re just trying to be a responsible member of society.


Give the traffic enforcer some sense of perspective.


Just make sure the officer knows the speeding he pulled you over for, is nothing compared to the crimes you haven’t committed, like arson or murder. That way the speeding won’t look so bad, and he will just let you go on your way. Put some perspective in his life.


Tell the police officer that you are from another country.


You don’t know the local rules. You’re “foreign”. It isn’t fair that the officer tickets you for something you didn’t know about! Also, you’ve only been here a week, if that.


Learn to flirt.


If you’re a woman, try flirting . If you are wearing a tight shirt and you think you have a good rack, lean over until the officer forgets why he approached you in the first place. As a side note, this will only work with male or lesbian officers. So if you get a straight female officer, or a gay male, this approach will not help at all.

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