25 Hilariously Confusing Engrish Signs

Let’s face it, learning another language is quite difficult. Not only do you have to learn the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation (among other things), you also have to learn connotation and nuances in meaning.

This is blatantly obvious when you take a look at international signs that have English translations. Let’s just say that sometimes the results can be…disastrous. And by disastrous, I mean hilarious. There are so many instances of this happening that the phrase “Engrish signs” was coined by some evil, politically incorrect genius somewhere. Would you like to see what I mean? Let’s check out these 25 Hilariously Confusing Engrish Signs.


A new way to do laundry

in coleslaw

Be warned

execution in progress


I wouldn't eat that if I were you

big dump in vegetable

Sounds ominous

beware of missing foot


Awe...this one is cute

tiny grass is dreaming

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