25 Historical Movie Mistakes

When it comes to movie mistakes, historical movies are held to a higher standard. We want historical movies to be highly accurate on the events and the time period. And why shouldn’t we? If it’s going to reenact history, it might as well get the facts right. However, too often, movies make a ton of mistakes, errors, and just get the events wrong. Sometimes, these are simple mistakes that most people easily miss; other times, it’s a glaring problem, ruining the entire movie. So, get comfortable film fans and history buffs, here are 25 Historical Movie Mistakes!

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selmaSource: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1020072/goofs

In the scene where Martin Luther King Jr. meets President Johnson in the Oval Office, Johnson is sitting at the Resolute Desk. However, in reality, Johnson thought he was too big for the desk and commissioned a totally different desk to be made in 1963.


The Imitation Game

imitation gameSource: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2084970/goofs/?tab=gf&ref_=tt_trv_gf

This movie depicts Alan Turing as an awkward loner who worked tirelessly on the Engima code-breaker machine by himself. In reality, he had the help of Gordon Welchman, a mathematician not mentioned in the film.


Pearl Harbor

pearl harborSource: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/featured/endless-historical-errors-made-pearl-harbor-movie.html

This movie is rife with historical mistakes. First, Ben Affleck’s character joins the Eagle Squadron even though he’s a U.S. Airman and wouldn’t be allowed to do that. Also, they show a Stearman biplane crop duster in 1923 when it wasn’t used until 1926. Lastly, it depicts Japanese aircrafts deliberately going for hospitals when that never happened at all.


American Sniper

american sniperSource: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2015/01/23/american_sniper_fact_vs_fiction_how_accurate_is_the_chris_kyle_movie.html

Chris Kyle didn’t enlist in the military because he saw American lives lost on the television. He had always planned to join up after school. The injuries he sustained during his Bronco riding initially caused the Navy to rejected him, but later on, they reversed the decision.



alexanderSource: https://dailyhistory.org/How_Historically_Accurate_is_Alexander%3F

Of the many historical mistakes made in this movie, the Persians are shown as highly unorganized; however, in reality they were a strong and formidable power that required Alexander’s best to defeat them. Also, the Persian King Darius III was shown to be rather young when he was really in his 50’s at the time.

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