25 Horrifying Video Games You Don’t Want To Play Alone This Halloween

Video games can be fun and help you kill your spare time, but that’s not the case for every avid gamer. There are brave souls out there who are seeking horror in everything they do, whether that means in reading, watching films, listening to music or video gaming. This Halloween just like in Halloweens past, classic and not-so-classic horror video games will see a huge boost in sales and here at List25 we’re willing to help you get your share of scare-on with what else, but a list of some of the most horrifying video games that will give you the creeps right through your consoles.

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There are people who say Siren is the kind of game that only hard-core survival horror game fans will appreciate, and this might not be much of an overstatement after all. The graphics are not that good, the controls are poorly designed, and the voice-overs aren’t the most thrilling out there, but the game can still be challenging if you’re willing to be patient. If you can make your way past the first couple missions you might end up even being addicted to it, even though there’s a good chance you might fall asleep in the process.


Zombies Ate My Neighbors


This masterpiece first came out back in the early ‘90s and despite its primitive graphics it’s an all-time classic game that you will love. There are 55 levels in the game, each one increasing in difficulty, and it involves any horror film character you have ever seen. Zombies and other disgusting little evil creatures try to kill your neighbors while you run around and shoot at them with a water gun.




Amy is a relatively new survival horror video game, since it was released worldwide for the first time last year. Amy is an autistic, psychic child and the only remaining human being in a city where a zombie-type infection (which Amy is apparently immune to) has turned everybody into the undead. Along with her adult friend Lana, who’s slowly turning into a zombie and must reverse this transformation before it’s too late, Amy has to solve puzzles, including computer hacking, vent-climbing, and button pushing, to advance and save the world. Will you help them make it?




Despite its silly and irrelevant title, NecroVisioN  is quite a fun supernatural-themed PC game that you will definitely enjoy especially if you’re into sci-fi horror. NecroVisioN is set in 1916 during World War I and the hero of the game is a brave, young American soldier who was recently recruited into a British battalion. Simon (the soldier) soon finds himself battling supernatural forces, including zombies, demons, vampires, and other little evil spirits and beasts, as well as blood-thirsty German troops in order to survive. Auf Wiedersehen!


Deep Fear

Deep Fear (E) Front+Back

Deep Fear is another classic from the late ‘90s and we’re afraid that you need to still own your Sega Saturn system to play it since it was the only platform you could play it on. In the role of an ex-Navy SEAL named John Mayor you will have to kill mutants, zombies, monsters, and crazy-looking animals in order to survive, and there’s a chance you’ll notice similarities in the plot to films such as Leviathan and The Abyss because the developers of this game were deeply inspired by these movies. If you’re looking for horror 300 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean then this game was made for you.

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