25 IKEA Facts That Need No Assembly

IKEA is, by far, the most popular furniture retailer in the world. Started back in 1943 by a seventeen year-old Swedish boy, this store has grown into a megalithic company with revenue of almost €30 billion in 2014. With over 380 stores in 48 countries, millions of people have caught IKEA fever, flocking to the store every year to buy cheap, flat-pack furniture for their homes or to indulge in the store’s range of traditional Swedish foods, especially the meatballs. While IKEA has quickly entered our homes and our hearts, there’s a lot to know about this diverse company with a long history and creative marketing team.

In this list, we’ve assembled (pun intended) 25 facts about IKEA that you probably didn’t know – facts ranging from where it gets its furniture names to some of its clever marketing campaigns including being able to spend a night in an IKEA store to the reason why its stores are designed like a labyrinth. The company continues to grow and expand year-after-year, increasing profits, lowering prices, and even building its own city. If you’ve ever been caught up by IKEA mania or you just want to know more about the furniture and meatballs giant, you’ll love this list of 25 IKEA Facts That Need No Assembly.

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The reason IKEA products don't have product numbers is because Kamprad is dyslexic. Naming the items instead made things easier for him.

HK_Causeway_Bay_IKEA_furniture_shop_interior_small_size_unit_design_JulySource: Thrillist, Image: Wikimedia

In 2012, 690 million people visited an IKEA store - almost the entire population of Europe.

IKEA_SingaporeSource: Business Insider, Image: Wikimedia


One of IKEA's most clever marketing schemes was when they designed an entire house worth of furniture on a rock climbing wall. Celebrating their 30th store in France, visitors could scale the rock wall in what has to be one of the most exhilarating shopping experiences we've ever seen.

rock climbing wallSource: Ad Week, Image: Pixabay

Upon entering the American market, IKEA saw their small flower vases become one of their most popular items. When they researched why the vases sold so well, they found out American consumers were using them as large tumblers.

Old_Fashioned_GlassSource: Telegraph, Image: Wikipedia


Since 1987, over 13 million mattresses in the United Kingdom were purchased from IKEA, meaning around one in five British kids alive today were conceived thanks to IKEA bedding. On Europe as a whole, it's one in ten kids.

ikea bedSource: Business Insider & Thrillist, Image: koldre via Flickr

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