25 Illegal Foods You Might Not Be Able To Eat

Have you ever eaten something illegal? That probably sounds like a strange question. After all, how can food be illegal? Well, some foods can be and are illegal. It usually has to do with a species being endangered or the food itself having some sort of harmful ingredient. However, this doesn’t meant that these foods are illegal everywhere. It’s possible for some foods to be banned in one country but not the next. But be careful, because some foods are not only illegal, but carry some steep consequences if illegally eaten or even possessed. These are 25 illegal foods you might not be able to eat!

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Sassafras oil

Sassafras oilSource: mentalfloss.com

This oil from the sassafras tree was once a common ingredient in tea and root beer. It was banned, however, when researchers determined that it was a potential carcinogen.


Queen conch

Queen conchSource: theguardian.com

Found in tropical waters from Florida to Brazil, the queen conch has been illegal in all 50 US states since 2003 due to overfishing.


Mirabelle plums

Mirabelle plumsSource: cnn.com

As a protected-origin fruit, these plums from Lorraine, France are banned in the United States.


Sea turtles

Sea turtlesSource: latimes.com

Due to bans on the importation and sale of sea turtles, it is not possible to eat them anywhere in the US.


Pig's blood cake

Pig's blood cakeSource: nytimes.com

This Taiwanese delicacy consisting of pork blood and sticky rice is banned in the US for sanitary reasons.

Featured Image: pixabay (public domain)
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