25 Incredible Country Borders That Powerfully Describe Our World

With all the talk in the media recently of immigration, country borders and border control, we decided to take a look at some of the worlds most unique borders. Where one country ends and another begins, you are sure to find some very revealing insights into the societies and economies that shape our lives. While some borders are peaceful and even a bit amusing, others are well guarded and somewhat terrifying. What do these borders say about societies? Humanity? Our very existence? You be the judge. These are 25 Incredible Country Borders That Powerfully Describe Our World.

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Haiti and Dominican Republic

Haiti and Dominican RepublicSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

Thanks to deforestation in Haiti, it is easy to tell which country is which


China and Nepal

China and NepalSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

The summit of the highest mountain on Earth marks the border between these two nations.


Argentina and Chile

Argentina and ChileSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

A statue of Jesus Christ stands on the border to symbolize peace between the two countries.


Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia

Austria, Hungary, and SlovakiaSource: quora, Image: pinterest

This picnic table marks the spot where these three EU countries meet.


Spain and Morocco

Spain and MoroccoSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

In the foreground is a golf course in the Spanish exclave of Melilla. It is surrounded by high fences to prevent immigration.

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