25 Incredible Photographs Of A Mars Rover’s Journey

As we push ever closer toward landing a man on Mars, these incredible photographs of the Mars Rover’s journey become even more compelling. Although as of yet there haven’t been any manned missions to the red planet, this is very likely about to change. As we speak, there are four robot “scouts” on Mars, with two (Curiosity and Opportunity) actively examining Mars’ composition and ability to support life. These robots, known as “rovers,” send pictures and data back to Earth in order to give us a better understanding of our galactic neighbor. You are about to catch a glimpse of the Martian landscape as we bring you 25 Incredible Photographs Of A Mars Rover’s Journey.


Sojourner leaving the "Rock Garden"

black and white image of rover in rocks

Taken in July 1999, this shows powerhouse Sojourner, the first rover on Mars, who outlived the original 7-day mission target by an additional 76 days.


Sojourner near the "Dice"

rover with square rocks in background

Wondering how NASA took these amazing Mars photos? The Pathfinder lander (who dropped off Sojourner) stuck around to document everything that happened.


Sojourner leaving an x-ray spectrometer on "Moe"

rover in distance sampling rocks

You can see the bottom panel of Pathfinder in this photo, as Sojourner completes its information gathering in December 1997.


Sojourner snuggling "Yogi"

rover next to large boulder

Sojourner snuggles up to the rock “Yogi” in October 1997 to get a sample – finding that the rock is low in quartz and quite similar to basalt rocks on Earth.


Mars "blueberries" courtesy of Opportunity

close up of round bluish rocks

Thanks to rover Opportunity in April 2004, we got this up-close and personal look at small mineral concentrations NASA has dubbed “blueberries” (for obvious reasons).

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