25 Incredible Photos of Volcanic Eruptions You’ll Want To See

Both terrifying and awe-inspiring, volcanoes never cease to amaze. With steam plumes, fiery explosions, and rivers of magma, they reveal the wonders of nature and the mysteries of Earth. But, they’re also incredibly dangerous, causing harm to many people all over the world. It’s unlikely we’d get near one of these things anytime soon. With that said, here are 25 Incredible Photos of Volcanic Eruptions You’ll Want To See.

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Sarychev Eruption

Sarychev_eruption_ISS_lrgSource: http://www.livescience.com

In 2009, the International Space Station passed over Sarychev Volcano just as it was about to erupt. The astronauts were fortunate enough to get incredible photos and video of the eruption from space.


Mount Cleveland Eruption

Mount_cleveland_erupting2Source: http://geology.com

Mount Cleveland is one of the most active volcanos in Alaska, producing ash plumes and lava flows quite frequently. It’s heavily monitored due to the danger it poses to air traffic.



Seger_46_nightSource: http://www.geology.sdsu.edu

A volcano close to Mexico City, the eruption at Paracutin from 1943 to 1952 was the first time scientists observed and studied the life cycle of a volcano.


Augustine volcano

Augustine_Volcano_Jan_12_2006Source: https://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/1769/

Alaska is home to many active volcanos, including the Augustine volcano that recently erupted in 2006. Because of its constant, hazardous activity, the USGS (US Geological Survey) watches the Augustine volcano closely.


Pagan Island

Pagan_Island,_Northern_MarianasSource: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov

Part of the Mariana Islands, Pagan Island has one of the most active volcanos in the area. Its last eruption occurred in 1981 and required the evacuation of all the locals.

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