25 Incredible Rescue Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you been part of a rescue story? Any first responder will tell you that there is nothing quite like saving someone’s life. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most incredible rescue stories ever. They took place on battlefields, oceans, and even underground! Hopefully, you will be encouraged by the virtue and solidarity that is reflected in these rescues. Check out these 25 Incredible Rescue Stories That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Apollo 13

Apollo 13Source: seeker.com

In 1970, during NASA’s seventh manned mission to the moon, an oxygen tank exploded on Apollo 13 while it was mid-flight. With the help of engineers on the ground, the astronauts jury-rigged the CO2 removal system and safely made it back to Earth.


Tommy the Cat

Tommy the catSource: rd.com

When officer Patrick Daughtery entered Gary Rosheisen’s home in 2005, he found Gary laying on the ground next to his wheelchair. His cat, Tommy, was lying near the phone. When the 911 call came in to dispatch, a police officer was sent to the scene because there was silence on the line. Rosheisen later explained how he had once tried to teach Tommy to dial 911 but wasn’t sure if it had worked…until that day!


The Heimlich Hound

The Heimlich HoundSource: yahoo.com

When Debbie Parkhurst choked on an apple in her home, she tried to do the Heimlich maneuver on herself. Unsuccessful, her dog Toby then reared up, pushed her to the ground, and jumped on her chest until the apple came loose!


Fire Dog

Fire dogSource: huffingtonpost.com

When Candace Jennings of Idaho rescued Anna from an animal shelter, she had no idea that Anna would rescue her right back. One morning in 2007, Anna woke Candace with her howls because the trailer was on fire. They both escaped, but when Candace tried to come back for something, she got disoriented in the smoke. Anna had apparently followed her back into the building and led Candace out again!


Jesus Garcia and Nacozari

Jesus Garcia and NacozariSource: howstuffworks.com

On November 7, 1907, Jesus Garcia was on duty as a railroad engineer in the town of Nacozari, Mexico, when he noticed that a train car containing dynamite had caught on fire. He drove the car out of town where it exploded, killing him and 12 other rail workers. The town is eternally grateful.

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