25 Incredibly Disturbing Science Experiments In History

Creepy science experiments come in all shapes and sizes. Some psychological experiments are creepy because they tell us something disturbing about ourselves. However, other experiments are creepy because they’re just wrong.

Quite often human experiments have been excessively brutal and violent. So be warned, the word “creepy” may be an understatement for some of the experiments on this list. Nonetheless, these are the 25 Incredibly Disturbing Science Experiments In History.

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Neuromarketing Experiments

brainSource: forbes.com

Basically, the field of neuromarketing involves studying the brains of subjects and creating advertisements or marketing that are biologically guaranteed to work. Sound creepy? Well everybody is doing it. Every company from Google to Frito-Lay invests in this type of research. Note: there is still some debate as to its effectiveness.


The UCLA Schizophrenia Study

medicinesSource: nytimes.com

When researchers took schizophrenic patients off of their regular medications, they were instructed to put them right back on if their symptoms significantly worsened. Apparently the term “significantly” is rather subjective. One patient threatened to kill his parents and another (Tony Lamadrid) jumped off a building.


The Eye Color Experiment

eyesSource: smithsonianmag.com

After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, a schoolteacher named Jane Elliot decided to teach her students about discrimination. She divided them into two groups – blue eyes and brown eyes. She told the class that blue-eyed students were superior and sat the brown-eyed children in the back. The blue-eyed group got all around preferential treatment (more food at lunch, more playtime, etc). Although it isn’t too surprising today, back then the results of this “experiment” were surprising…the brown-eyed kids actually started performing worse in school. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

psych wardSource: theguardian.com

Milton Rokeach performed a study where he brought together three psychiatric patients, all of whom claimed to be God. At first, the men argued about who was holier and almost beat each other up. But after a while, each of them accepted that the other two were just crazy.



Soviet UnionSource: wsj.com

Meaning “chamber” in Russian, this was an infamous Soviet research facility that subjected people to highly poisonous substances. Witnesses have described the effects of vicious poisons such as K-2. Victims would actually physically shrink and then die after a few minutes. The crazy part? K-2 is completely undetectable. And even crazier? The Kamera was allegedly re-opened in the ‘90s.

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