25 Incredibly Disturbing Science Experiments In History

Creepy science experiments come in all shapes and sizes. Some psychological experiments are creepy because they tell us something disturbing about ourselves. However, other experiments are creepy because they’re just wrong.

Quite often human experiments have been excessively brutal and violent. So be warned, the word “creepy” may be an understatement for some of the experiments on this list. Nonetheless, these are the 25 Incredibly Disturbing Science Experiments In History.

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North Korea

North KoreaSource: dw.com

The English language fails us as the word “creepy” seems to fall unfathomably far from sufficiency. The North Korean government is known for some insanely inhuman experiments including surgery without anesthesia and suffocation in gas chambers. In fact, one person testified before US Congress that he witnessed a family of four (parents, son, and daughter) suffocate to death in a chamber. The parents apparently tried to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on their children for as long as they could.


Project MK-ULTRA

CIASource: theguardian.com

The aim of this CIA experiment was to see if mind control could be weaponized. How did they go about doing this? By injecting prostitutes with LSD. We’re not even joking.


Tuskegee Syphilis Study

TuskegeeSource: cdc.gov

Best described as infuriating, the government basically told a bunch of African American males with syphilis that they would be receiving free healthcare for life. Instead, they weren’t given any treatment but were rather monitored over the course of their lifetime. The study was eventually ended thanks to a whistleblower.


Pavlov’s Orphan Experiments

PavlovSource: newyorker.com

We all know how Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. Well, Pavlov did the same with orphans. The problem with orphans, however, is that they are less agreeable, so he strapped them down and force-fed them.


Free Will

freeSource: bbc.com

Brain imaging experiments performed by Benjamin Libet showed that all of our decisions are preceded by subconscious factors in the brain that affect the outcome of our decision. Although still controversial, there is something a bit creepy about not having free will. This would mean that everything you do has already been pre-determined.

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