25 Incredibly Realistic Drawings By Ivan Hoo

If you haven’t heard of Ican Hoo, it’s not that surprising. Ivan Hoo, a 31-year-old artist from Singapore, has become famous just recently. He has loved drawing since he was a child but he actually never studied art – he is completely self-taught! Just a couple of years ago, Ivan decided to improve his drawing skills as he was going to become a full time artist. With just a pencil and pastels, he is able to draw every day items and portraits so realistically that it’s very hard to believe they are not photographs. To see how inhuman his ability to transform real things into drawings is, check out these 25 incredible realistic drawings by Ivan Hoo.

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Ivan usually draws on a wooden board, to give his drawings an even more natural look.

cul.viralnova.com wood-paintings9cul.viralnova.com

No, this is not a real broken vase. As unbelievable as it seems, it's just a drawing of a broken vase.

thedesigninspiration.com Ivan-Hoo-Art-003thedesigninspiration.com


Every day objects are the most common theme for Ivan´s drawings.

www.whudat.de Incredible_Hyperrealistic_Drawings_Created_on_Wood_by_Artist_Ivan_Hoo_2014_021www.whudat.de

He uses still lives or actual photographs of the objects as models.

thedesigninspiration.com Ivan-Hoo-Art-001thedesigninspiration.com


Animal portraits are another favorite subject of this Singaporean artist.

avaxnews.net 0001bb8e_mediumavaxnews.net

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