25 Intriguing Facts About The Netherlands

The Netherlands, literally “Lower Countries,” is a country of low land and a flat geography (with only about fifty percent of its land exceeding one meter above sea level). It is a small but densely populated country located in Western Europe. Visionary architecture, vintage fashion, and street markets selling rainbows of fresh flowers, caramel syrup–filled waffles, and delicious cheese are only some of the reasons people from around the world visit this beautiful and culturally rich country every year. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is one of the most popular tourist destinations thanks to its gorgeous architecture, liberal lifestyle, and intense nightlife. The city also has more canals than Venice and getting on the water is definitely a unique way to “taste” all Amsterdam has to offer. Though this useful information might motivate you to visit the Netherlands, it won’t teach you all you really should know about this amazing country. How many of you know that this country has more bikes than citizens? Or that Dutch people are the tallest in the world? Or that you should never mess with a Dutch kickboxer because he will most likely kick your butt? Want to know more? If so, then we’ve got good news, because we have 25 Intriguing Facts About The Netherlands.


Contrary to popular belief the Netherlands and Holland are not the same. Holland is largely the western coastal region of the Netherlands, comprised of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, and The Hague.

25 wSource: holland.com, Image: Wikipedia

The Netherlands is the most densely populated nation in Europe with 487 inhabitants per square kilometer.

24 wSource: holland.com, Image: Wikipedia


The highest point in the Netherlands, Vaalserberg, is only 323 meters above sea level. The rest of the nation is as flat as it gets. For example, Schiphol Airport is actually 4.5 meters below sea level.

23 commons.wikimedia.orgSource: holland.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The country is considered the greatest kickboxing nation in the world, with most of the best kickboxers in history being Dutch including Ramon Dekkers, Bas Rutten, Andy Souwer, Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Rob Kaman, and the most decorated heavyweight champion ever, Semmy Schilt.

22 wSource: Wikipedia, Image: Wikipedia


Worldwide, it’s common for women to give birth in a hospital. Well, that’s not the case in the Netherlands since about thirty percent of all Dutch births take place at home.

21 pixabaySource: holland.com, Image: pixabay.com

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