25 Inventions That Make Us Question Humanity

Normally, inventing something is supposed to be a good thing. It’s how people advance. It’s how society advances. If we didn’t invent things, we would just stagnate. Ever since the industrial revolution, the pace of new inventions has increased drastically. Moving into the 21st century, it’s almost unbelievable how advanced we have become in the realms of science, medicine, and technology. There seems to be no end to the advancement. Until now.

To get things started, this list will no doubt contain its fair share of comic relief. So If you have eyelashes on your headlights, it’s okay to laugh. You don’t have to get mad. But for the rest of you, this list is sure to make you laugh straight through. There are just so many things that people have thought of that just don’t reflect very well on the rest of us. Ear candles? Reality TV? Shutter shades? Who in the world ever thought of these things? They’re definitely a step backwards in terms of human development. But that’s okay because at least we can laugh and have a good time talking about them. So here we go. These are 25 Inventions That Make Us Question Humanity!

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Selfie sticks

Selfie sticksImage: wikipedia, Source: 9gag

This one has nearly reached plague status.



AlcoholSource: youtube

See youtube.


DVD Rewinder

DVD RewinderImage: methodshop .com via Flickr, Source: wikipedia

The actual product is genius. It’s the people that legitimately tried to rewind their DVD’s that we need to be worried about.


Fanny packs

Fanny packsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

They are practical for sure, but definitely don’t wear these outside of North America, Europe, or Australia. You’re just asking to be kidnapped. Note: A baller’s bag is just as convenient (it doesn’t make your back hot in summer), nearly impossible to pickpocket without a knife, and they don’t make you look like a naive American.


Ripped clothing

Ripped clothingImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

So let’s get this straight…the jeans with the holes cost more? What if I buy these jeans, rip holes in them, and return them? At least show some consistency!

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