25 Wardrobe Items Every Woman Should Have

There are certain items every woman’s wardrobe should have. After all, the ability to stylishly mix and match anything in your wardrobe is a sign that you are a fashion queen bent on global admiration and domination (or you just like to look good).
You don’t have to have a stuffed walk-in closet loaded with all the trendiest clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to be relevant. All you really need are these 25 basic items…that’s it.
Before you know it, you will be able to go into the world feeling like a celebrity (and who doesn’t want to go into the world feeling like a celebrity?). So take a closet inventory and make sure your wardrobe is equipped with these 25 items every woman’s wardrobe should have.

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25 swimsuits

Even if your house is hundreds of miles away from the beach, there is always that local gym or country club that you can go to for a quick swim.

So it’s always wise for you to own either a bikini, a one piece or even both just in case.


Classic Winter Coat

24 winter coat_tn

Not all places in the world have winter but there may be a time when you end up in a snowy place like New York during winter or maybe even Chicago.

At least keep one classic winter coat and store it away properly. Vacuum bags are always a great storage option.


Statement Heels

23 statement heels_tn

High heels make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier no matter how we complain of the pain after a few hours walking around with them.

Nude colored heels match with just about any pattern or dress color. Silver and gold strappy heels also work well with those shimmery cocktail dresses.


Metallic Clutch Bag

22 metallic clutch bag_tn

Always have a metallic clutch ready for those occasions where you need to dress up and look glam. You don’t have to splurge much, just a simple metallic clutch in either gold, silver, bronze or sparkly black will do.



21 jewelry_tn

A diamond is a girl’s best friend, that’s been a cliché since forever. But don’t spend all your money to buy a set of diamonds.

Instead, get a set of semi-precious stones such as garnet, amethyst, topaz, lapis lazuli, etc. With the right set, you can make a simple ensemble look absolutely fabulous.

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