25 Wardrobe Items Every Woman Should Have

There are certain items every woman’s wardrobe should have. After all, the ability to stylishly mix and match anything in your wardrobe is a sign that you are a fashion queen bent on global admiration and domination (or you just like to look good).
You don’t have to have a stuffed walk-in closet loaded with all the trendiest clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to be relevant. All you really need are these 25 basic items…that’s it.
Before you know it, you will be able to go into the world feeling like a celebrity (and who doesn’t want to go into the world feeling like a celebrity?). So take a closet inventory and make sure your wardrobe is equipped with these 25 items every woman’s wardrobe should have.

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Cocktail Dress

20 cocktail-dresses_tn

It’s frustrating to get invited to a weekend party and you find yourself with no dresses to wear since you’ve worn your little black dress or patterned dress the weekend before.

Save yourself from the pain of rushed dry cleaning and make sure you have one or two cocktail dresses hanging in your closet.


Black Boots

19 black boots_tn

Practical and stylish, black boots go with a wide array of looks. From an assertive Jean and boot look to a more sophisticated dress pairing, you absolutely can’t go wrong with black boots.

As an added bonus, Like heels, this classic footwear also makes your legs look longer even when worn with tights.


Patterned Scarf

18 Patterned Scarf_tn

A scarf isn’t just for keeping your neck warm. You can also use it to make your top wear look more laid back or a bit fancy. A Scarf is also a great accent piece to your ensemble adding a touch of personality and flare.


Lightweight Cardigan

17 lightweight cardigan_tn

Those breezy but not too cold days call for a lightweight cardigan to keep you warm. It also wonderfully matches with sundresses, blouses, t-shirts, tank tops and amazingly, even a wedding dress.


Patterned Sundress

16 patterned sundress_tn

There are times when you feel feminine and want to dress up a bit. However, there are those occasions where you want to appear casual, but elegant.

For example, if you have to attend a garden wedding, you’d probably want a slightly more relaxed dress and a patterned sundress is ideal for these occasions.

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