25 Items You’ll Want To Look Out For This Black Friday

Ah Black Friday. The ironic Holiday of buying stuff after just spending a day giving thanks for what you already have. Still, if you live in the US, and you do shop over the Holiday season, you’d be kind of foolish to not buy things on sale. Even if you don’t have loved ones to buy for, if you’ve been saving up for a big item, say a TV, Black Friday or the sales around that time are absolutely the time to buy one.

Are you ready? Gather your shopping lists and keep these tips in mind to make for a more pleasant experience: Please don’t cut your family time, take small children who hate stores or crowds, go without a budget, a list, and a plan, or expect a good parking spot. Also remember to be kind to store staff, be kind to fellow shoppers, be aware of who’s around you, take your cart back to the cart corral, have payment ready when approaching the checkout, and keep your conversations with store staff upbeat and brief.

To help you make your list and a plan, here are 25 Items You’ll Want To Look Out For This Black Friday.

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current_nordstrom_rack_logoSource: http://dealnews.com/ Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Current_Nordstrom_Rack_Logo.jpg

Believe it or not, clothing is actually a really good item to purchase on Black Friday. Almost every major retailer has sales going on, and theoretically, they’ll still have their Christmas clothing lines in stock, which tend to dwindle the closer you to get Christmas. Target, for example, had 40% off nearly all clothing in store on Black Friday 2015 and are expected to again this year. Old Navy always has amazing sales, and if you’re looking for higher end finery, Nordstrom Rack, White House Black Market, Kenneth Cole, and Last Call should not be skipped.


The Sky Viper Video Drone

skyviperSource: http://www.brostrick.com/ Image Source: Amazon.com

This awesome flyer is a quad copter that’s also a camera. It comes with a headset and comes with a memory card that will allow it to record and store up to 20 minutes of flight footage, which is pretty cool. But please, use with parental supervision. It retails for between $94 and $130, depending on where you’re shopping, which means you’ll probably be able to find on sale for around $100 or less come Black Friday, and possibly not at all long after that.


Power Wheels Wild Thing

powerwheelswildthingSource: http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=10811023 (top 15 list) Image Source: Amazon.com

This Power Wheel is really cool, and I would like one for adults please. This toy is on the Toys R Us Hot 15 list, which means they expect to sell out of it. Many retailers release a Top Toys List with various names, but they all basically show us the coolest toys, and also the toys that they expect to sell out of, particularly when it gets down to a top 15. The Wild Thing comes with 4 speed settings that parents control with a top speed of 5 mph. It’s got big wheels so kiddos can go “off road” and is controlled by two joysticks which allow it to turn 360, and comes in “boy” colors or “girl” colors (this is still a thing? Apparently). It retails for between $300-$400.


The Num Noms Lipgloss Truck

numnomslipglossSource: http://www.techtimes.com/ Image Source: Amazon.com

The Num Noms Lipgloss Truck will appeal to the same demographic as Shopkins and will probably sell out. It’s a pretty pastel truck that allows the child to make their own flavored lip glosses. It retails for around $33 and is already on the “hot toy list” for Walmart, Amazon, and Toys R Us, which means they expect to sell out of it, and it will either be on sale, or eligible for some sales on Black Friday.


Fabric, Sewing, and Craft Supplies

singercurvysewingmachineSource: https://www.blackfriday.fm/ Image Source: Amazon.com

If you have a crafty person to shop for, many of their useful and necessary supplies are a HUGE deal on Black Friday. Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s Crafts, and others all have amazing sales. Joann Fabrics almost always has a sale in Singer Sewing machines and all of the mentioned stores have sales on craft supplies and paper crafting machines on Black Friday.

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