25 Jobs That Are Sticking Around For A While

Job security is a legitimate concern, but there are jobs that are sticking around for a while. Between globalization and advancing technology, many jobs are quickly becoming obsolete so these jobs may come as good news for people. Fortunately, just as many jobs are being created as are being destroyed, particularly in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). For those of you who like your current job, these are 25 jobs that are sticking around for a while.

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paramedicSource: quora

Actually, anything in healthcare. Just reading the news will confirm this.



cybersecuritySource: wikipedia

The number of cyber attacks keeps rising and many governments are even adding a “cyberspace” division to their armed forces.


Stand up comedians

micSource: quora

Because people in the future will most likely still want to laugh at something.


Any job at the DMV

dmvSource: quora

Because even a robot would kill itself if it had to work here.



codeSource: quora

Somebody will have to make sure that the computers stealing all the jobs don’t malfunction.

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