25 Large American Cities Too Dangerous For Drivers

Allstate Insurance, an insurance company from Northbrook, Illinois, annually conducts the America’s Best Drivers Report where 200 large American cities are ranked according to how often their residents get involved in a car accident. This statistics may be good to know because road safety is a very precarious thing. It doesn’t matter how prudent and careful of a driver you are, you can always have an accident caused by another reckless motorist. So if you’re looking into increasing your chances at avoiding some type of car accident, consider not driving in these 25 large American cities too dangerous for drivers.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

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On average, drivers in New Orleans can expect a car crash every 7.1 years, which means the probability of getting involved in a road accident, is 40% higher than the national average. Therefore, traveling by public transport such as buses, rails (served by Amtrak) or even ferries might be preferable, especially during rush hours.


Garland, Texas

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Part of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, Garland is another Texas destination where driving through the city might evoke an adrenaline rush. With a 7.1 score (same as New Orleans), Garland is served by several major highways such as Interstate 30, Interstate 635 and the President George Bush Turnpike, where traffic can get very dense and dangerous.


Oakland, California

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With an average crash score of 7 years, Oakland is one of several Californian cities that included in our list and is currently at #18.


Paterson, New Jersey

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Nicknamed the Silky City, Paterson is the most dangerous city for automobile drivers in New Jersey. On average, local drivers experience a car crash every 6.9 years which is 45% higher than the national average. If you don’t want to put your car (or your life for that matter) at risk on the city´s 195.28 miles (314.27 km) of roadways, we recommend you use Paterson´ s public transport served by trains and buses.


Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Bridgeport, the most populous city in Connecticut, averages 6.7 years before a commuter experiences a car crash, which means its residents have an accident occurrence 50% higher than the national average. Dense network of major roadways such as Interstate 95, Route 8 and Route 25 can be one of the factors contributing to the low road safety statistic.

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