25 Largest Animals on Earth

Although man may be responsible for some of the changes that the Earth is now undergoing, when it comes to physical size, humans are nowhere near being the largest creatures on the planet. While you may think to yourself that of course there are fishes, primates, and other animals that are a lot bigger than humans, in this list we’re going to see some creatures that are larger than trees, boats, and even houses. So get ready because these are the 25 largest animals on Earth.

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Ocean Sunfish

Spanning up to 4 meters the Ocean Sunfish is not only famous for being huge and heavy but also for its interesting shape. Its prey consists mainly of jellyfish…lots and lots of jellyfish.




Also known as the Indian bison the Gaur is much larger than its American counterparts, especially when you count the hump protruding from its back.


American Alligator


If you live in the southeastern United States then you are already familiar with the big toothy grin of the American Alligator. Although it doesn’t usually prey on humans, its definitely big enough to do so, and will occasionally exercise that ability. Normally though its diet consist of small animals, birds, and other marsh dwellers.


Elephas Recki


Although long extinct, standing at up to 15 feet in height this was at one point the tallest elephant species in the world. It’s probably safe to assume that its diet consisted of more than just peanuts!


White Rhinoceros


A bit smaller than the hippopotamus (#19), the White Rhinoceros has long been the target of African poachers seeking its horn, which is said to cure illnesses and as of today it is one of only 5 rhinoceros species still in existence.

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