25 Largest Man-Made Things Too Large To Fully Comprehend

From towering skyscrapers to sprawling, high-tech airports, humans have built some of the most impressive wonders. Throughout history and even today humans have continuously demonstrated their power and wealth in order to advance their societies and culture by building magnificent constructions such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon of Athens, and the Eiffel Tower; three of the most famous structures in the world. Unfortunately, these are not even the largest things humans have constructed (so you wont see them on this list). But get ready, because you are about to witness some of the most daunting and impressively large human creations ever built. Witness 25 Largest Man-Made Things Too Large To Fully Comprehend.

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Bottle of Wine

Largest bottleSource: guinnessworldrecords.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The largest bottle of wine is 4.17 meters (13 ft., 8.17 in) tall, 1.21 meters (3 ft., 11.63 in) in diameter, and was filled with 3,094 liters (650.58 UK gal, 817.34 US gal) of wine, achieved by André Vogel (of Switzerland) as measured in Lyssach, Switzerland, on October 20, 2014.



Bike3Source: guinnessworldrecords.com, Image: wikipedia

The Regio Design XXL Chopper is officially the world’s largest functioning motorcycle! It was first introduced at the Motorbike Expo 2012 where it stunned the audience. Designed by Fabio Reggiani, this big bad guy is thirty-two feet long and sixteen feet high, effectively defeating all the other “biggest and baddest” motorcycle claims.


Sherry Trifle

Sherry TrifleSource: guinnessworldrecords.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

According to Guinness World Records, students of Clarendon College made a sherry trifle weighing 3.13 tons (6,900 lbs.) on September 26, 1990. This remains to date the biggest sherry trifle and one of the biggest desserts ever made in history.



TrainSource: guinnessworldrecords.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The longest and heaviest freight train ran on February 20, 1986, from Ekibastuz to the Urals, Soviet Union. The composition consisted of 439 wagons and several diesel locomotives distributed along the train with a mass of 43,400 tons and a total length of 6.5 kilometers (4 miles).



TelescopeSource: guinnessworldrecords.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The Arecibo Observatory is a radio telescope in the municipality of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and holds a very special honor. The observatory’s 305-meter (1,000-ft) radio telescope is the world’s largest single-aperture telescope. It is used in three major research areas: radio astronomy, atmospheric science, and radar astronomy.

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