25 Largest Shopping Malls In The World

Introducing: 25 Largest Shopping Malls In The World. As western consumerism spreads its money-making tentacles into the far corners of the globe, countries without grocery stores are now building shopping facilities so big they can’t even find enough vendors to fill them.

In fact, most of the shopping centers on this list are located in Asia and its surrounding regions. It’s a classic case of the student surpassing the master. These are the 25 Largest Shopping Malls In The World.

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Centro Comercial Aricanduva


Along with Centro Comercial Santafé (#24), this shopping plaza found in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is one of the largest in South America. Its slogan is even “Gigante Como São Paulo,” which means “Gigantic like São Paulo.”


Centro Comercial Santafé


One of the largest shopping malls in South America, Centro Comercial Santafé has 485 shops, 10 cinemas, and 26 restaurants.


South Coast Plaza


The smallest of only three North American malls on this list, South Coast Plaza is an upscale-luxury shopping center in Costa Mesa, California, about 2.8 million square feet in size.


Morocco Mall


As the largest shopping center in Africa, Morocco Mall is located in Casablanca on the western coast of Morocco and even offers visitors the possibility of going scuba diving in its million-liter aquarium.


Mall of America


Also known as MOA, this shopping center is located just outside the Twin Cities in the United States and is large enough to fit seven Yankee stadiums within its walls.

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