25 Largest Zoos In The World You’ll Want To Visit

A wonderful list: 25 Largest Zoos In The World You’ll Want To Visit. From Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa, zoos around the world perform wonderful conservation services. They protect Earth’s wildlife and educate people about how they can help.

With charitable donations, zoos protect the most vulnerable animals from extinction and foster health and reproduction. Of course, most zoos are only one or two acres large, housing a handful of animals.

Others, however, are massive and are able to protect and keep animals from various environments. With that said, here are the 25 Largest Zoos In The World You’ll Want To Visit.

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Hogle Zoo

1600px-Hogle_zoo_entranceSource: https://www.hoglezoo.org/

Located in the great state of Utah, the Hogle Zoo is 42-acres in size. It houses up to 800 animals with over 249 different species. From elephants to tigers to apes and giraffes, they have just about everything.


Como Zoo

1600px-Como_Park_Zoo_and_Conservatory-2006Source: http://www.comozooconservatory.org/

An old zoo founded in 1897, Como Zoo is in St. Paul, Minnesota and is owned by the city. At only 17 acres, it holds 1,700 animals and 66 different species. They recently rebuilt and expanded their ape and polar bear exhibits. They get about 1.2 million visitors a year. Which makes sense because admission is free. They depend on state funding and charitable donations.


Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

Riverbanks_Zoo_-South_Carolina_-USA-29July2004Source: https://www.riverbanks.org/

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, South Carolina, has a wide array of wildlife, including an aquarium and botanical garden. It’s 170 acres wide with about 1 million annual visitors.


Philadelphia Zoo

1599px-Philadelphia_Zoo_entrance_Philadelphia_Pennsylvania_USA-27June2010Source: http://www.philadelphiazoo.org/

The Philadelphia Zoo is located in, you guessed it, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania. It’s 42-acres wide and houses up to 2,440 animals with 340 different species. Though it was established in 1859, it’s completion was delayed by the American Civil War. It completed in July 1, 1874.


St. Louis Zoo

1600px-St_Louis_zoo_crocodilesSource: https://www.stlzoo.org/

At 90 acres in size, the St. Louis Zoo holds 18,700 animals and over 603 different species. It opened 113 years ago back in 1904, and they annually host 3 million people.

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