25 Legendary Mythical Weapons Which Shaped History

Do you know the most legendary mythical weapons in history? Mythology and storytelling have captivated our imagination for millennia. Over the course of humanity, a hefty chunk of storytelling has revolved around the importance of warriors and their actions on the battlefield. Many of these tales attribute legendary mythological weapons to their heroes – weapons which gave the warriors advantages leading to their victory. Often given as gifts by the gods across a range of different cultures, these mythical weapons frequently had supernatural powers imbued into them.

From a legendary sword granting invulnerability to another with the power to wipe out all of creation, these legendary weapons weren’t something to be toyed around with. Though most are just material from ancient stories, some of these weapons exist in museums around the world today. Whether it be King Arthur from English storytelling fame or King Lê Lợi from Vietnamese storytelling, all the wielders and weapons on our list had some seriously legendary and mythical characteristics to them which has led us to talk about them even up to the present-day. We’re bringing out the big guns (well, swords and other legendary weapons) in this list of 25 Legendary Mythical Weapons Which Shaped History.

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Persus-with-the-head-of-meduse and Harpē swordSource: Achilles Tatius, Leucippe and Clitophon, Image: Wikipedia

The harpē sword comes from Greek mythology where Cronus, son of Uranus, used it to castrate his father. The sword is recognizable by the curved sickle protruding near the tip of the blade. Perseus also used a harpē to decapitate Medusa.



Sigmunds_Schwert_(1889)_by_Johannes_Gehrts - the sword GramSource: Sigurd—ein Held des Mittelalters (Edgar Haimerl), Image: Wikipedia

The legendary sword Gram was forced into the tree Barnstokkr by Odin, one of the most persistent and highly regarded gods in both Norse and Germanic mythology. Sigmund the Völsung pulled the sword from the tree and used it to defeat the dragon Fáfnir. Though it broke in battle, after the sword was reforged, it was sharp enough to split an anvil cleanly in half.



Boys_King_Arthur_-_N__C__WyethSource: "The Twenty-Four Knights of Arthur's Court", The Welsh Triads, Image: Wikipedia

Legends exist of King Arthur in English storytelling but rarely is King Arthur’s place considered in Welsh storytelling. In it, King Arthur wielded a magical weapon named Carnwennan: a dagger which was reputed to cast its master into shadow. Arthur used it to slice the witch Orddu in half. Welsh legend lists two other objects given to Arthur by the gods – the spear Rhongomiant and the sword Caledfwich (the Welsh name for Excalibur).



The Boy's King ArthurSource: The Works of Sir Thomas Malory & "Merlin" by Robert de Boron, Image: Wikipedia

The better-known weapon of King Arthur, Excalibur, is often associated with the Sword of the Stone, the sword lodged in a boulder which was only able to be pulled out by the true king of England. The sword Excalibur had the power to blind its enemies and its scabbard could prevent the wearer from bleeding caused by wounds inflicted in battle.


Sword of Attila

Invasion of the Barbarians or The Huns approaching Rome - Color PaintingSource: The Origin and Deeds of the Goths & Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Image: Wikipedia

The legendary Hun warrior Attila is said to have been given a weapon by the gods themselves. The Sword of Attila was used by the great military commander in battle and as a symbol of divine favor. A sword some claim is the legendary weapon is housed in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, though this sword seems to have been made at least a half millennia after Attila died.

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