25 Life Traps That Most People Will Fall Into At One Point Or Another

Don’t be fooled, life is full of traps and they are out to specifically get you! There are a lot of things you can do to mess your life up and a lot of those things are really hard to get out of. Whether it’s debt or getting caught up in the daily rat race, there are just so many pits you can fall into (sometimes you won’t even realize you are in the pit).

So on today’s list, we are not just going to show you how to avoid the big ones–because most of those involve finances and money to some extent–but we’ll also touch on some of the less serious traps, like running out of toilet paper (that always stinks…pun intended). It’s time to identify (and avoid) some of the most common life traps most people fall into at least once in their lives.

To avoid any confusion, a life trap is any device (physical, or psychological) that catches or retains a person and offers no immediate escape. Life traps can be physical objects, psychological beliefs and/or specific situations. Now that we have that established, are you ready?

Because we’re about to drop some knowledge on you! You’re about to learn what you need to look out for in your daily life. This won’t make you a pro, but it might just keep you from being dirt poor…at least we hope. These are 25 life traps that most people fall into at one point or another.

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Gambler's fallacy

Gambler's fallacySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is the idea that if something happens a lot (you flip heads 50 times in a row), then the other option is more likely to happen (you will start flipping tails more). This superstitious belief comes from the idea that the universe must balance out somehow. It’s caused a lot of pain to people’s wallets in Las Vegas.


Pressing space bar to pause a youtube video and scrolling half way down the page

Pressing space bar to pause a youtube video and scrolling half way down the pageSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Try “K” instead.


Making eye contact with kiosk workers at the mall

Making eye contact with kiosk workers at the mallSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You’ll never get that 5 minutes back.


Thinking you're not affected by marketing

Thinking you're not affected by marketingSource: reddit, Image: pexels

Marketing isn’t just advertising. It’s sneaky in ways you would never have expected. Even the very floor you are standing on in some stores can be designed to subconsciously influence your comfort, perception, and movement.


Thinking you have to go to college

Thinking you have to go to collegeSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

There are plenty of people that make an excellent living without any degree.

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