25 Little Known Facts About Arctic Foxes

The Arctic fox is definitely less familiar to us than a regular red fox, but in fact, arctic foxes are incredible animals that are often overlooked. You might wonder what arctic foxes eat or what adaptations they need to survive in one of the most extreme and coldest places on Earth. In fact, there are many more interesting facts about these little canine predators worth learning. Ready to expand your knowledge on the arctic fox? Check out these 25 Little Known Facts About Arctic Foxes.


Officially called the arctic fox, this animal also has several nicknames such as white fox, polar fox, or snow fox.

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Living in extremely cold regions, the arctic fox has a unique system of heat exchange that will not let it start shivering until the temperature drops to an astounding −70 °C (−94 °F).

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Another adaptation that allows the fox to survive such harsh conditions is its low surface area to volume ratio and a rounded body shape to minimize the heat escape.

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People usually think arctic foxes are just white, but in summer when the snow melts away, their fur turns dark to blend in with the environment.

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Their ability to change colors can be even more advanced – studies have shown that arctic foxes living in areas where the snow is not purely white, produce fur of the same, grayish color as the snow.

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