25 Little-Known Facts About Cuba: The Capital Of Revolution

Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean Sea, with an official land area of 109,884 sq km (42,426 sq mi) and a population of more than 11 million. Arguably, one of the most talked about countries of the twentieth century, Cuba is famous for its Communist regime and the legendary icons of revolution it produced, most notably the country’s leader for fifty-two years (1959–2011), Fidel Castro, and one of the most recognized men of the century, Ernesto Che Guevara. Further, the country’s politics resulted in the notorious American embargo that has lasted for nearly six decades, while its close relationship with the USSR during the Cold War almost caused a nuclear war between the world’s two superpowers of the period in what is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962).

Of course, Cuba is not only famous for sociopolitical reasons, but for producing the finest cigars in the world, one of the best rums, its classic cars, and some of the most beautiful and scenic natural wonders a visitor can enjoy in the Caribbean. That’s the reason why Cuba has always been such a popular tourist destination for many years. In case you’re planning to visit the historic and beautiful country or you want to know more about it, check out these 25 Little-Known Facts About Cuba: The Capital of Revolution.

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Cuban citizens were not allowed to use or own cell phones until 2008.

Cuban paradeSource: factmonster.com, Image: Wikipedia

Cuba is the only country that Americans need government permission to visit. That is, of course, because they can’t visit North Korea at all.

Source: factmonster.com, Image: Wikipedia Source: factmonster.com, Image: Wikipedia


However, Hemingway was one American who dared to love and visit Cuba frequently. For that matter, he wrote The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls while living in Cuba.

Ernest HemingwaySource: factmonster.com, Image: Wikipedia

Until 1997 contact between tourists and Cubans was outlawed by the Communist regime in fear that the foreigners would present a different reality to the locals from the one the media has been showing them. In the past nineteen years things have changed for the better.

HavanaSource: factmonster.com, Image: Wikipedia


Nearly 70 percent of the 2 million Cubans and Cuban Americans who live in America reside in Florida.

mapSource: factmonster.com, Image: Wikipedia

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