25 Little-Known Haunted Places Outside America

When ghosts reside in a place, we say that this place is “haunted”. Nevertheless, it’s not clear and there’s no concrete proof that ghosts do indeed exist or even haunt certain places (even though some claim to have seen of ghosts around us). What is clear however, is that a large number of people believe in ghosts and it’s hard not to after seeing these 25 little-known haunted places outside America.

For that matter, the belief in ghosts has become part of pop culture with many movies and books depicting haunted houses, weary spirits, and all sorts or paranormal activity. During the last decade in America, with the popularization of ghost-hunting TV shows we’ve seen the emergence of “super haunts”: destinations with so much spirit energy that people with average sensitivity have been able to “feel” the spirits. Furthermore, these hyper spiritual energy locations easily register on ghost-hunting equipment lending some form of credibility to the existence of ghosts and other paranormal events. However, some might think this is just a local phenomenon or just another crazy thing people believe. Whether you are a believer or not, the truth is that millions of people around the world believe in ghosts to the point of visit supposedly haunted places to find out for themselves if the whole thing is just silly rumors or the real thing. Are you brave enough to visit these 25 Little-Known Haunted Places Outside America?


Queen Elizabeth Hotel (Canada)

25 commonsSource: Wikipedia, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada, is purportedly haunted by a woman in white. According to unverified reports her ghost wanders the halls and stairs, and she is said to also roam around in guests’ rooms. Some people claim to have been touched and pushed by invisible presences, and to have heard noises including disembodied voices, loud bangs, mysterious knocks, and footsteps. Other paranormal activity, including cold spots and the feeling of being watched, has been reported by staff and guests.


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (Australia)

24 wSource: Wikipedia, Image: Wikipedia

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria, is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of deceased patients. Open from 1867 to 1995, the asylum has appeared in a number of books, TV shows, and documentaries, including A.C.T. Paranormal. Ghost tours take place each night.


Tuen Mun Road (China)

23 wSource: Wikipedia, Image: Wikipedia

Tuen Mun Road has the frightening reputation of being haunted. The alarming amount of deaths via car accidents have led locals to believe that ghosts are the culprits. In fact, locals claim that the reason for the accidents has to do with drivers attempting to avoid collisions with ghosts that suddenly materialize on the road. What’s worse is that some drivers have reported losing control of their cars as if someone else was driving. Yikes!


The Castle of Good Hope (South Africa)

22 commonsSource: Wikipedia, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Built by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679, the Castle of Good Hope is the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa. It is believed to be the most haunted place in the country and some of the ghosts that “live” there include the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard who was a resident, the ghost of a soldier who hanged himself in the bell tower, and the ghosts of soldiers pacing the battlements.


The Beau-Séjour Palace (Portugal)

21 wSource: Wikipedia, Image: Wikipedia

The Beau-Séjour Palace in Lisbon is said to be haunted by the Baron of Glória, who lived there in the nineteenth century. Employees working at the palace report moving and disappearing objects and windows opening and closing abruptly. Visitors to the gardens also report hearing nonexistent bells ringing.

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