25 Loudest College Football Stadiums

Being loud in a stadium is normal. As your team steps onto the field you want to make sure your team hears your voice of encouragement. You fill your lungs up, prepare your noise makers, and you let it all out! But how does your stadium’s sound of adulation compare to other stadiums? Let’s find out by looking at 25 of the loudest college football stadiums in the country.

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Bronco Stadium

bronco stadiumwww.boisestatefootball.com

It may only hold 33,500 people but boy can they yell! Not to mention, these people are absolutely passionate about their college football team.


Faurot Field

faurot fielderinjunkel.files.wordpress.com

Having a capacity of more than 71,000 rowdy people is certainly no joke.


Williams-Brice Stadium

Williams-Brice Stadiumupload.wikimedia.org

The 20th largest football stadium in the country can house over 80,000 extremely excited (and loud) fans. Definitely bring ear plugs to these games.


Carrier Dome

carrier domeaviewfrommyseat.com

50,000 people + enclosed space = a veritable eardrum beating. The largest dome stadium in all of college sports, definitely creates an acoustical nightmare for your ears.


Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadiuminstntrply.com

100,000 plus people getting loud is more than just a Crimson Tide of voices

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