25 Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

“Conspiracy theory” is a term that was originally a neutral descriptor for any claim of criminal or political conspiracy. There’s no doubt that the government will always find ways to control us and in many cases manipulate or brainwash us, too. There have also been enough recorded cases where conspiracy theories turned out to be more than theories.

Nowadays, however, the term “conspiracy theory” has come almost exclusively to refer to any crazy theory that attempts to explain a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning. Examining and analyzing the facts is always good but in these 25 cases we feel like some dudes have literally overdone it. What do you think?

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Project Blue Beam


Project Blue Beam, in case you never heard the name before, will supposedly be used by the Antichrist when he comes to Earth to trick people into believing Jesus has returned. According to the conspiracy theorists, this tactic was also used in Operation Mongoose to brainwash American troops into overthrowing Castro and by Adolph Hitler to brainwash the millions of people he did.



Stanley Kubrick and the Illuminati

Stanley Kubrick

According to this wild theory Stanley Kubrick was supposed to be a secret member of the Illuminati who devoted his entire career to hiding clues of their existence in his films. However, he didn’t follow orders like a good boy and was eventually assassinated after he crossed the line with his last film, Eyes Wide Shut. Thus, he didn’t die in his sleep from a heart attack as they told us.


Obama controls the weather


HAARP, a research program managed by the U.S. Air Force and Navy, studies and conducts experiments relating to the ionosphere, or upper atmosphere. According to conspiracy theorists HAARP helps Obama control the weather, causing tsunamis and hurricanes for political reasons. Can someone buy Obama a PlayStation 4 so he can play cool games in his spare time instead?


9/11 Attacks


The list of conspiracy theories regarding this tragic event is so long and mysterious that one doesn’t know where to begin. Apparently, 9/11 was staged by the US government for some reason, while there are people who disagree and blame the Israeli government for it. Some guarantee us the Illuminati were behind it while others know for a fact it was the Rothschilds. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that shortly before 9/11, many Zionist bankers with prior knowledge shorted airline stocks and made a fortune.


Most of the powerful people on Earth are space lizards

space lizards

Did you ever wonder what Jack Nicholson, Nikola Tesla, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth II, Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angelina Jolie, and Mark Zuckerberg among many others have in common? They are not humans but space lizards, that’s what! Please, don’t tell me you never noticed. Watch closely next time they are on TV and you will clearly see it too!

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