25 Magnificently Epic Examples Of Church Architecture

Ever since man discovered the act of self expression art has played a huge role in human history. Undeniably one of the most pivotal forces driving human inspiration has always been faith whether it manifests in the creation of timeless hymns, beautiful sculptures, or awe inspiring chapel ceilings. Today, however, we’re going to focus in on the latter as we travel around the world to visit 25 magnificently epic examples of church architecture.

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Jubilee Church – Rome, Italy

Jubilee Church

The Jubilee Church, formally known as Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso (Italian for Church of God the Merciful Father), is a church and community center in Tor Tre Teste in Rome. According to Richard Meier, its architect, it is “the crown jewel of the Vicariato di Roma’s (Archdiocese of Rome) Millennium project”. The Church serves eight thousand residents of the Tor Tre Teste area and was meant to socially “revive” Tor Tre Teste. It is paid homage to in the video game Hitman: Blood Money, with a very similar church as the setting of the game’s final mission.


Stykkisholmur Church – Snæfellsnes, Iceland

Stykkisholmur Church

This alien-looking structure was built in 1980 and it stands on a cape overlooking the city of Stykkisholmur on the northern edge of the Snæfellsnes peninsula Iceland. Originally built in 1879, it also became a monastery for the nuns and a school before it became a church. The modern structure, which has an entrance that lies between two sweeping arms that lead to the bell tower now also serves as a concert venue.


Cathedral of Brasilia – Brasilia, Brazil

Cathedral of Brasilia

A Roman Catholic cathedral in Brasilia, Brazil, its first cornerstone was laid on September 12, 1958. Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, it was dedicated on May 31, 1970 to serve as the seat for the Archdiocese of Brasilia. The cathedral is well-known for its hyperbolic sections, as each of the 16 concrete columns weighs 90 tons each.


US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel – Colorado, USA

US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

Designed by renowned architect Walter Netsch, the US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel is known for its classic design and is a great example of modernist architecture. Completed in 1962, it was named a US National Historic landmark in 2004 though its design was highly controversial. The chapel is made of 17 spires with a tubular steel frame of 100 identical tetrahedrons, each weighing 5 tons and 75 meters long.


Harajuku Protestant Church – Tokyo, Japan

Harajuku Protestant Church

Located in Tokyo, Japan, it was first unveiled in 2005 by the design firm, Ciel Rouge Creation with an adjacent kindergarten. It has six arches and a bell tower, which symbolized the seven elements, the seven churches in Asia, and the seven days of creation. The ceiling is made for good acoustic performances as it was made to reverberate natural sounds for 2 seconds to the delight of worshippers and tourists alike. It also creates the impression of the biblical open sky image where the light typifies the Holy Spirit as it descends onto the worshippers.

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