25 Major Space Discoveries That Defied Our Imagination And Won

How does anything defy someone’s imagination and wins? It’s not like there is a cap on what the human mind is capable of imagining, right? Well, the space discoveries that you area about witness pushed the limits of what we thought or even imagined was possible. In fact, some of the space discoveries on this article were actually found by accident, which means our puny little minds had no concept of there existence. For example, the Galilean Moons, a Diamond planet (seriously, an entire planet made out diamonds), and even a trail of gas dividing two galaxies that is 2.6-million-light-year-long! With all the significant technological advancement related to the exploration of space, scientists and astronomers have been coming across new cosmic objects and phenomena that keep baffling our minds. So it looks like this battle between space and our imagination will continue (and we are excited to say that it looks like we will be losing the battle). So be sure to check out these 25 Major Space Discoveries That Defied Our Imagination And Won for some of the craziest space discoveries ever. And if you want even more space marvels, check out these 25 bizarre things you can only find in outer space.


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Giant water reservoir

water reservoirSource and image: www.nasa.gov

While astronomers had suspected there might have been large amounts of water in outer space, in 2011, they were shocked to discover an enormous water vapor cloud located about 10 billion light years from Earth. Floating around a black hole, the cloud is estimated to hold up to 140 trillion times the mass of water found in all Earth´s oceans.


Milky Way´s super hot cover

Milky WaySource: planetsave.com, image: en.wikipedia.org

NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory has recently found out that our galaxy sits at the center of an immense halo of hot gas extending for hundreds of thousands of light years. Burning at a temperature of 1–2.5 million Kelvin, the gas halo is estimated to contain as much mass as all the stars in the Milky Way combined.


Hot ice world

Gliese 436 bSource: nationalgeographic.com, image: commons.wikimedia.org

In May 2007, a team of Belgian astronomers announced the discovery of a bizarre planet covered in hot but solid water. Officially known as Gliese 436 b, it is a Neptune-sized exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf Gliese 436. Although the planet´s temperature reaches 439 C (712 K), its watery surface doesn’t evaporate. Instead, it forms a kind of hot, high-pressured ice.


Mysterious planet

Lava planetSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: en.wikipedia.org

Dubbed “The Hell Planet”-due to its high content of burning lava-the Kepler-78 b exoplanet was discovered in 2013. The mystery of this planet relates to its origin as astronomers have no idea how such a small planet, only 20 percent larger than Earth, could have evolved so close to its parent star Kepler-78.


Enormous stream of hydrogen

elliptical galaxySource: www.sci-news.com, image: en.wikipedia.org

An international team of astronomers in Puerto Rico discovered a 2.6-million-light-year-long bridge of atomic hydrogen gas between galaxies in the NGC 7448 galaxy group, some 500 million light years away. What made this discovery so unique was – apart from the stream´s gigantic size – the fact that gas streams are usually found inside galaxies, not between them.

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