25 Marketing Slogans That Would Only Exist If Marketers Were Brutally Honest

Marketers are clever; perhaps nowhere so clever as in the United States. It’s the land of opportunity (aka land of highly skilled marketing professionals accompanied by a culture of reckless consumerism). But when it comes to marketing, half the battle is making people believe something that may not be entirely true. Now don’t get us wrong. We’re not calling all marketers liars. There are plenty of ethical marketers out there, and we’re not talking about them. But even so, it’s funny to think about what would happen if marketers couldn’t lie…at all. You probably have an idea of where this list is going. All of those brands with blatantly over-optimistic slogans – not anymore. Today we’re going to go through them and give them some new, improved tag lines. If marketers were this honest, then probably nobody would buy their stuff, and that would be bad for the economy. So maybe it’s a good thing that they trick us into buying so much junk? Who knows. We don’t. But guess what? It doesn’t matter right now. We’re about to have some fun, so stop being so political all the time. These are 25 marketing slogans that would only exist if marketers were brutally honest.

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Yellow Pages

Yellow PagesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Please throw this away for us.



SubwaySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

As healthy as you tell us to make it


Juicy Fruit

Juicy FruitSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Only-Juicy-for-15-seconds fruit


Barnes and Noble

Barnes and NobleSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If you stay inside, it’s a library with a coffee shop.



NestleSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

We dare you to try boycotting us.

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