25 Meanings Of Common Nightmares You Should Be Aware Of

It’s quite possible that you’ve had one of the common nightmares found on this list. It’s even possible that you might be wondering if these nightmares mean something. Could they be a spiritual warning? Maybe they could foreshadow some future event? You could even have a more scientific explanation that defines dreams as manifestations of our unconscious struggles, desires, and thoughts. Some people believe that these common nightmares do have meaning and that we should take notice. Are you ready to find out what your nightmare might be trying to tell you? Check out these 25 meanings of common nightmares you should be aware of.

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Snake nightmares

 Burmese Python Source: dreamscloud.com; snakedreams.org

A nightmare about snakes can have many meanings. The most common meaning is healing and the transformation of self (because snakes shed skin). It can also mean that you’re dealing with a difficult situation or a representation of an attractive or threatening male figure.



Woman Drowning Source: dreamhawk.com; dreammoods.com

Drowning in a dream could represent a struggle in your life. These nightmares usually occur to people who feel overwhelmed by emotions and may have some repressed issues. The problem could be related to their job, family, relationship etc.


Nightmares about Dark Figures

dark figuresSource: secretenergy.com; thecasswiki.net

A “dark man” dream is usually characterized by a dark predator that may or may not be human. He could be an entity where darkness is part of his appearance or could be devoid entirely of shape and have more of presence rather than a figure. Dreaming of dark, unknown figures might mean you’re having doubts about the future. The general consensus is that this dream usually appears when a person is experiencing a significant change.


Dreaming of Dead People

dead womanSource: dreamhawk.com; learning-mind.com

A very common nightmare, dreaming of the dead can have many interpretations. Some of the most common interpretations deal with areas in your life that have died. These dreams can also refer to the death of feelings associated with a relationship; emotions that follow big changes in your life such as the loss of a loved partner, job, child etc.; or could even be a sign of unexpected news.


Being Trapped

Woman Being TrappedSource: dailynewsdig.com; psychiclibrary.com

The explanation for nightmares where you are being trapped is fairly straightforward. This dream usually refers to a real-life situation where you feel trapped. This can be in a relationship, dead end job, or a problem that where a solution is not entirely obvious.

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