Bizarre Facts to Put History into Perspective

Bizarre facts really do put history into perspective! So much more than a boring high school subject, history is actually full intriguing and shocking details. If you look in the right places, you might even find that history is more interesting than your favorite sitcom or reality TV show. Don’t believe me? Well, I know you like random details, otherwise you wouldn’t be the awesome and loyal List25 fan that you are. Let me show you a few bizarre facts that are not only random but totally bizarre and therefore awesome.

As you might suspect, the history you learned was probably too boring to properly shape your paradigm. Not only that, it’s possible that what you learned was missing a few historical facts that could really change your concept of time. Luckily, I’m here today to educate you on things like what the pyramids looked like when they were first built and shock you with how close the end of the Ottoman Empire coincided with the start of Warner Bros Studios. Are you ready to be schooled with some really cool history facts? I thought so. Here are Bizarre Facts to Put History into Perspective!

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Julius Caesar's army once split apart to perform a flanking maneuver and spent hours in a standoff against itself.

roman army

At its height, the Roman Empire was 2.5 million square miles. It was only the 19th largest empire in history.

roman empire 117


Speaking of empires, Warner Bros. was founded only a few months before the fall of the Ottoman Empire. (April 4th, 1923 vs. July 24th, 1943)

WB watertower

In one afternoon during the Battle of Stalingrad, a railway station switched between German and Soviet control fourteen times.

railroad stalingrad


The Soviets used dogs strapped with explosives as anti-tank weapons. Sometimes, however, the dogs would run back and explode among the Soviets.

A Soviet T-80 tank with reactive armor

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