25 Misconceptions Hollywood Has Taught Us

It’s probably true that there are a lot of things movies do and portray correctly, but also some they do completely wrong. Almost every film employs a certain amount of misconceptions, stereotypes, and clichés that aid in the development of the plot. However, in some movies, they stand out so much that they become annoying to those of us who know the real world a little bit better than your average Joe. Some clichés and misconceptions are so obvious that you can’t help but focus solely on them. So, with that in mind, what are the worst misconceptions used in Hollywood films? What are some of the most ridiculous and inaccurate lessons you’ve learned by watching your favorite movies? Can you really make a car explode by shooting the gas tank? Is there sound in outer space? Are the Russians as bad as portrayed in some of the most popular films in history? You’re about to find out in our list of 25 Misconceptions Hollywood Has Taught Us.


The Bad Russian

Ivan DragoImage: youtube.com

We have seen again and again crooked Russian officials (A Good Day to Die Hard), merciless Russian gangsters (Eastern Promises), inhumane ex-KGB agents (The Avengers), and of course, cold-hearted robotic boxers (Ivan Drago in Rocky IV), but in reality all this nonsense was nothing more than the result of the blatant political propaganda of Hollywood during the Cold War.


Computer hackers are as smart or smarter than God

Computer hackers are smarter than God or as smart anywayImage: commons.wikimedia.org

The abilities of hackers are greatly exaggerated or just plain wrong in most films. Hackers, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, is an odd relic from the ‘90s that imagines computer hackers as a cross between Zeus and Odin. Take it easy, guys; they are just geeks with some talent in programming and computers.


Organized criminals love to advertise their “profession”

Organized criminals love to advertise their “profession”Image: en.wikipedia.org

In real life, most people who are members of the Mafia and other organized crime organizations are reticent about what they actually do, while in films most of them show off to everybody, even in front of the cops without suffering any consequences.


The bad guy is usually bad at shooting (especially at the end of the film)

The bad guy is usually so bad at shootingImage: en.wikipedia.org

The crazy thing in most films is that the bad guy is as deadly as it gets at the beginning; even his mean look can kill you. However, at the end of the movie when he confronts the good guy, he can’t find the target even if he shoots from a short distance away. What happened to him? Only the filmmakers know!


You can beat someone for “hours,” and they won’t even get dizzy

You can beat someone for “hours” and they won’t even get dizzyImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you are into martial arts and action movies, it’s certain you’ve seen fight scenes that last for an eternity and both guys take more punishment than Jake LaMotta did during his whole career. The craziest part is that they won’t go down even once. Anyone who has been punched in the face clean knows that all it takes is one good shot to knock your lights out.

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