25 Mortally Delicious Burgers From Around The World

There are very few things in life that everyone loves, or almost everyone anyway. Pizza and burgers are two of the things that always come to my mind first when I think of this topic for some reason, even though I know that every vegetarian out there would probably shoot me for even daring to think that everyone loves something as “meaty” as burgers. However, I happen to be one of these burger lovers who has dedicated his life to hunting for the perfect burger, and after a detailed search I proudly present the 25 mortally delicious burgers from around the world.

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Royale Eatery Burger—Cape Town, South Africa

Royale Burger

The burger in Royale Eatery is often described as super juicy, with a bun that’s always fresh, and toppings with flavors that help to focus on the meat rather than distract from it. However, and judging from the reviews, most clients are unhappy because of the burger’s small size, which basically means two things: a) the owners have to do something about it and stop being cheap, and b) when you don’t want something to end, it must be good.


Buckhorn Burger—San Antonio, Texas


If you have a sensitive stomach or just can’t digest spicy food then this burger might not be right for you, but lovers of chili pepper and spicy Mexican food think this is how a good burger should be.


La Vaca Picada Burger—Madrid, Spain


If you’re planning to visit Spain and you happen to love burgers then La Vaca Picada will offer you a unique burger experience that you don’t want to miss. Bakery fresh buns, the best melted cheese in Madrid, premium beef, gourmet toppings, amazing flavor combinations, and Spanish flair will make you so happy that you might not even notice the “spicy” price of this delicious burger.


The Gordon Ramsay BurGR—Las Vegas, Nevada

The BUrgr

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay decided to bring his masterful burger concept to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and since then burger lovers from all over the world haven’t stopped sinking their teeth into these gourmet delights. We don’t have to ask or guess if this is any good, it’s freaking Gordon Ramsay we’re talking about here.


Luger Burger—Brooklyn-- New York

Luger Burger New York

Peter Luger has been handling meat since 1887 and its rich half-pound Luger Burger made from porterhouse and prime chuck roll trimmings is worth New Yorkers figuring out how to sneak out of the office for a long lunch. For some reason we’re already sold on it.

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