25 Most Amazing Moats You’ll Want To See

Moats, as many would recall it, are mostly found surrounding fortresses, castles, and other structures that demand an elevated level of defense. These bodies of water surrounding mighty edifices serve as primary protection so that soldiers and other melee groups will not easily penetrate the guarded territory. Some moats are dug very deep while others are infested with fishes that feast on human flesh. These days however, moats are typically an addition to the beauty and majesty of castles and forts that were once symbols of war. Let us venture into these famous places and visit the 25 Most Amazing Moats You’ll Want To See.


Fagaras Castle (Fagaras, Romania)

fagarasSource: https://rolandia.eu/fagaras-fortress/

Built by Transylvanian rulers in the 16th century, this citadel and the moat surrounding it staved off invaders for centuries and was never once successfully conquered from the outside. Its downfall came from within due to treason, and eventually it was controlled by communists who used it as a dreadful prison.


Egeskov Castle (Funen, Denmark)

egeskovSource: https://www.egeskov.dk/en/history

Due to political unrest with the Reformation and Counts’ Feud, this castle was built right on a lake to create a surrounding moat. It was strategically designed for defense purposes so that if an invasion came, they could successfully fend it off. Around for 400 years and occupied by many families, it is now a tourist attraction.


Orebro Castle (Orebro, Sweden)

234Source: https://castles.today/castles/castles/sweden/%C3%B6rebro/history/

It’s believed this castle was build in the mid-13th century. It was built on an island surrounded by the Svartån River, making it an ideal defensive location. Over the years, the castle was expanded and became the residence of several monarchs before becoming a prison and falling into decay.


Fort Macon (Morehead Township, North Carolina)

fort maconSource: https://www.ncparks.gov/fort-macon-state-park/history

This Civil War-era fort is surrounded by water at the Bogue Banks and was engineered by a young Robert E. Lee. It had become a prime Naval fort for both Union and Confederate forces until after the war when it was turned into a prison.


Deal Castle (Kent, United Kingdom)

deal castleSource: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/deal-castle/

Built by King Henry VIII, this castle is a prime example of Tudor warfare. It’s moat does not utilize water and is man made. In fact, during particularly rainy seasons, the moat would fill up too much with water and cause significant damage.

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