25 Most Bizarre Dinosaurs Ever

Most people can rattle off at least five dinosaurs they know. People who have seen all the Jurassic Park movies a few times are usually good for at least a dozen, and beyond that, most of us over the age of 9 don’t know a lot about prehistoric life on earth. (Most people, not all. Chill Paleontologist nerds, we love you.) As if a giant lizard who could eat you isn’t weird enough, they get weirder, and more wonderful. Curious about these weird dinos? Here are 25 Most Bizarre Dinosaurs Ever.

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Amargasaurus_BWSource: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com

Discovered in 1991 in Argentina, Amargasaurus was a sauropod (walked on four legs, long neck, long tail). However, this dino was smaller than the more well known sauropods such as Brachiosarus, maxing out at around 35 feet long. What makes Amargasaurus so awesome is that it was punk rock dinosaur, complete with Mohawk. Okay, technically they’re two rows of spines that grew out of it’s neck, back and tail, but it looks like a Mohawk. We’re still wondering why in the 26 years since it’s discovery it hasn’t been in a movie yet.



dilong dinoSource: https://www.newdinosaurs.com/dilong/

Dilong was a very small Tyrannasauroid, maxing out at about 6 feet long from nose to tail. It was about two feet high and had feathers on it’s tail. It’s name means “Emperor Dragon,” and if they had survived the early Cretaceous period, we’d have them on leashes and sell t-shirts for them at the nearest pet super store.



DimorphodonSource: https://www.newdinosaurs.com/

Dimorphodon was not technically a dinosaur. However, some researchers argue that, this type of pterosaur could have stood upright and so they could have been included in the dinosaur family. Nevertheless, the Dimorphodon was too bizarre for us not to include on this list. The Dimorphodon is perhaps the weirdest pterosaur (extinct flying reptiles), at least at first glance. Probably because it looks like someone stuck a T-rex skull on a pterosaur body as a joke and someone took it too seriously. But alas, no, that’s just how this strange creature looked. Dimorphodon was around 2 feet long and probably weighed around 2 pounds, so tiny but fierce. They were pretty amazingly build for flight, too. It’s long tail had a flap of skin at the end that scientist believed was used to help stabilize it during flight.



Guanlong_wucaii_by_durbedSource: https://www.newdinosaurs.com

Guanlong lived in what is now China during the late Jurassic period. It was a 10 foot long, 3 foot high carnivore (possibly scavenger) that looked in body somewhat like a tyrannosaur, but  had longer (and possibly useful) arms. The weird and awesome thing about Guanlong is that it had a large crest on it’s face between it’s nostrils and ending back above it’s eyes. Since this was too weak to use for combat, paleontologists assume it was used for displays, such as mating, and likely changed colors. Ohh, ahhh.



Kosmoceratops_NT_smallSource: https://nhmu.utah.edu

Kosmoceratops lived during the late Cretaceous period and had a total of 15 fancy horns upon his head. It’s a pretty recent discovery; it was found in Utah in 2006 and only two have been found so far. As the photo implies, it was, in fact, a relative of the less fancy Triceratops. Kosmoceratops is the luxury edition Ceratopsia.

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