25 Most Common Nightmares Everyone Hates

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of a really bad nightmare? No matter who you are, you’ve almost certainly been terrorized in the middle of the night by your brain. Today we’re going to take a look at the 25 Most Common Nightmares Everyone Hates!

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Losing Your Teeth

Losing your teethSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

If you’ve never had this dream, you’d be surprised to know how common it is around the world. And in the age of vanity, this nightmare has only been exacerbated. Typically, this dream means that you might lack self confidence or be embarrassed about something.



MonstersSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

If you didn’t have this nightmare when you were a kid, you’re either lying to yourself or you’ve repressed the memory. Some dream experts say this represents fears or repressed emotions. It might also mean that there’s something you find ugly about yourself.



AirplanesSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

Whether it’s a plane crash or just turbulence, you don’t need to be afraid of heights to have this very common nightmare. Just know you’re not alone. If you dream of an airplane crash, it could mean self-doubt. It could also mean that you’ve set goals for yourself that are a bit unrealistic.



Breaking Stuff

Breaking stuffSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

Especially when that “stuff” involves body parts…

Dream experts say that this could mean a weakness or coming change in some area of your life. It could also mean that you just need to take a rest.


Missing Meetings

Missing meetingsSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

Like your dentist appointment…or your wedding. Looks like somebody needs to work on their time management! This dream could represent being unprepared in your waking life. It could also show a lack of confidence…like maybe you don’t measure up to a task at hand.

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