25 Most Common Nightmares Everyone Hates

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of a really bad nightmare? No matter who you are, you’ve almost certainly been terrorized in the middle of the night by your brain. Today we’re going to take a look at the 25 Most Common Nightmares Everyone Hates!

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Property Loss or Damage

Property loss or damageSource: businessinsider.com

Whether it’s your house, apartment, car, or whatever…property damage is said to represent feelings of loss or at least the fear of losing something important.



NakednessSource: yahoo.com

Well, not just any nakedness. We’re talking about public nakedness. The losing-your-clothes-in-public nightmare is sometimes said to represent insecurity.


Your Partner Leaving

Your partner leavingSource: yahoo.com

This dream represents one of the deepest human fears – abandonment.



ArmageddonSource: yahoo.com

Apocalyptic dreams are said to be a manifestation of your anxiety towards some big life event. Whether that’s true or not, maybe the prevalence of these dreams is the reason we have so many end-of-the-world movies. Or maybe vice versa….


Buried Alive

Buried aliveSource: yahoo.com

This one can be quite terrifying. Some say that it signifies a fear of insignificance or failure. So basically it’s the dream version of a mid-life crisis.

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