25 Most Common Text Message Abbreviations You Should Probably Be Aware Of

We’ve become a society of texters. Text messaging has become one of our most common activities these days. (Obvi.) We take our phones to the shop, on public transit, even to the bathroom. Though a text, also known as SMS (Simple Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), used to be limited to 160 characters, these days most cellular plans allow unlimited texting, so u can wrt wteva u want 2 ur frnds. Some words r kewl but don’t rly shorten things (like kewl). From the vintage flip phones (can they really be called vintage if they’re only 10 years old?) to today’s smartphones, text messaging continues to evolve. Find out what people are saying in their messages in this list of the 25 Most Common Text Message Abbreviations You Should Probably Be Aware Of. FYI WYSIWYG XOXO

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No_flyers_pleaseSource: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Being one of the most common words in the English language didn’t help get pls/plz (please) higher on the list, coming in as the 25th most commonly used text message abbreviation. Maybe big-time texters aren’t very polite?



Scottish_Referendum_-_No_thanks_signSource: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

A text message abbreviations with multiple spellings, thanks’s shortcuts THX and TKS are also not on the top of the list. Maybe there’s some truth to this unpolite theory…



monkeys telling secretSource: Bloomsbury International, Image: jinterwas via Flickr

LMK if you’ve heard this one before. Becoming more standard in business circles as well (LMK by COB = Let Me Know by Close Of Business), LMK is a good way to end a conversation when you’re waiting to hear back on something.



dead patient being examinedSource: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Not much off from OK, “K” has been the root of many people’s texting anger. Ever write a long message to someone and they just respond with K? No? K.



just kidding adSource: Bloomsbury International, Image: Lulu Hoeller via Flickr

JK about writing K to you in the last message. Totes didn’t mean it. Short for “Just Kidding”, JK has become a necessary text message abbreviation. Since a text message doesn’t have inflection like the human voice does, some messages can be misinterpreted by the receiver. Thx to emoticons, it’s now easier to convey emotions.

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