25 Most Cursed Movies Ever Filmed

Cursed movies have fascinated people for decades. From unexpected deaths to career-killers, some movie projects have become the stuff of legend. Of course, no director wants a cursed movie, and no actor wants to be a part of one. However, with Hollywood’s history, they’re likely to happen. Here are the 25 Most Cursed Movies Ever Filmed.

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The Possession

ThePossession2012PosterSource: http://io9.gizmodo.com/

The Possession movie is based on a real box called “The Dybbuk Box” that’s supposedly possessed. Apparently, bizarre things happened on set and even skeptic Jeffrey Dean Morgan admitted some eerie stuff went down while filming, like light bulbs exploding and props catching fire. When asked if they wanted to bring the real box on set, Morgan refused, and many of the cast members had a mantra, “Don’t mock the box.”



WaterworldSource: http://articles.latimes.com

Production problems plagued the set of Waterworld. Originally budgeted at $5 million, it ballooned into $200 million. At the time, it became the most expensive movie in Hollywood history. To make matters worse, it only made $88 million at the box office. On set, it was even more of a disaster with the crew quitting, getting sea sick, or stung by jellyfish. Joss Whedon was brought on to rewrite most of the script and said it was seven weeks of hell.



Psycho_LogoSource: http://articles.latimes.com/2001/may/15/news/cl-63532

The Hitchcock classic, Psycho, is about a woman staying at a rural hotel being watched by the innkeeper. While in the infamous shower scene, the woman played by Janet Leigh is slashed to death. On set, one of her stand-ins was Myra Davis, a working actress. Years later, Myra Davis was raped and murdered by a handyman who also turned out to be a huge Hitchcock fan.


The Innkeepers

The_Innkeepers_PosterSource: http://www.indiewire.com

The Innkeepers is a movie about the Yankee Pedlar Inn and how two employees try to expose its haunted past. What most people don’t realize is the Yankee Pedlar Inn is a real location in Connecticut and is supposedly haunted in real life. The director Ti West reported bizarre happenings during shooting, including doors closing and  TVs turning on and off on their own, lights burning out all the time, and the crew having vivid dreams every night. Even stranger, he picked the Honeymoon Suite as the haunted room in the story because he could easily do a dolly shot. He found out later that is considered the most haunted room in real life.


The Twilight Zone Movie

Twilight_Zone_-_The_Movie_(1983)_theatrical_posterSource: http://www.slate.com

The Twilight Zone is filled with bizarre and strange stories. But this real life story during the filming of The Twilight Zone movie is especially horrifying. In the movie, Vic Morrow played a bigot who was sent back in time to experience the suffering of those he persecuted. During one scene, he was rescuing two children, and the director wanted a helicopter to fly overhead. The helicopter crashed, crushing one child, and cutting off the heads of Morrow and the other child.

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