25 Most Dangerous Kids’ Toys Ever Made

One would assume that when making a product for children, the safety and well-being of said children is of paramount concern. Disturbingly, that is not always the case. We’re not sure if people are stupid or ill-intentioned, but some toys that have actually made it to shelves just make you wonder what the professional qualifications for toy inventor and manufacturer are. Here to amuse and horrify you are 25 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Made.

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Rollerblade Barbie

rollerblade barbieSource: http://www.thatgirlinthewheelchair.com/

This Barbie was, without question, one of the coolest toys of the mid 90’s. Her roller blades SPARKED when she moved! Unfortunately, this spark was not any sort of light up device, but rather actual flint sparks, similar to the inside of your standard BIC lighter. That they gave to children. To play with it. So when Barbie wanted to roller blade in one of her long princess dresses, bad things happened.


The original Creepy Crawlers Oven

Toymax_Creepy_CrawlersSource: http://io9.gizmodo.com

This oven, in which you melted plastic and baked your own bug shaped toys in metal molds, got even hotter than an Easy Bake Oven’s 350 degrees. Not only did the unit get hot, but it made hot melted plastic, which was also toxic. But it was the 60’s, so maybe that was just a bonus feature.


The Austin Magic Pistol

Union_Carbide_Calcium_Carbide_pic1Source: http://www.takejusticeback.com

This toy pistol fired ping pong balls at your friends. Seems harmless, right? Well, if fired them with something called “magic crystals” (A terrible name on it’s own) which were actually made from Calcium Carbide. In case Middle School chemistry was a really long time ago, Calcium Carbide and water make a highly flammable gas that resulted in a small explosion that would fire said ping pong balls over 70 ft. Just imagine how that went. Also imagine how cool it looked to shoot fiery ping pong balls.


The Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

glass-blowingSource: http://www.cracked.com/

This set was another toy brought to us by the 1950’s, and it was exactly what it sounded like – a glass blowing set for children. For reference, aside from the dangers of glass when it’s cool and solid, in order for glass to become malleable it has to be about 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of us know several adults who shouldn’t even have a toy like that. Just pay your $20 bucks, go to the local ren fair, and watch the glassblowing guy. From a safe distance.


Sky Dancers

sky dancer toySource: http://onemansblog.com

For those not in the know, Sky Dancers were little fairy dolls, with wing arms. You’d sit your “dancer” in the base, pull the string, and her arm/wing things flare out, and she twirls through the sky…a hard piece of plastic, with no control whatsoever over where she goes. There were injuries. Scratched corneas, temporary blindness, mild concussions, facial lacerations and more. They were really fun. Also, they were recalled.

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