25 Most Disgusting Health Code Violation Stories

You may be shocked to find out how often health code violations happen. Here’s a hint: they happen all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. That hotdog joint down the road? Probably has a health code violation. Hole-in-the-wall burger sport? Probably has a health code violation. Your favorite lunch restaurant definitely has a health code violation. Though these violations are fairly common, not all are restaurant-shut-down worthy. Some are simple oversights with easy fixes. However, many other health code violations will make you puke, and yes they are real, and yes they could happen at your favorite restaurant without you even knowing! Today, I am going to share with you some of the grossest, most disgusting, health code violations found on the web. Are you brave enough to see how bad some restaurants handle the food you eat? I thought I was.

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Prove it!

kitchenhospitalSource: https://www.reddit.com/

“Former Inspector here. I once discovered a rat infestation in the kitchen of a hospital. They asked me if I could prove my “suspicions.” I pointed out the numerous foodstuffs with 1″-2″ circular holes chewed in them, but they didn’t seem convinced. I showed them the trail of droppings and footprints coming and going from a hole in the floor drain, but they didn’t seem convinced. I showed them the three dead rats I had discovered under and around equipment. I think they began to believe me at that point. Citations included rat infestation and absolutely deplorable cleaning practices.” – SuperDaveP270


How about food with that ?

pipeSource: https://www.oola.com

“-A toilet with a pipe that lead openly into the kitchen, where the waste flowed into an open drain.”


Is that what I think it is?

tarantulaSource: https://www.reddit.com/

“Not health inspector, but I worked as an assistant cook in a restaurant. Two weeks into the job, I opened a cupboard to get a can of tomato sauce and I see a huge ass tarantula scuttling away behind the cans. I told the boss what I had seen, so that maybe we should get someone to deal with the huge ass spider living in the kitchen.
Boss turns to me and says “I see you’ve met Eduardo. Just don’t put your hand too close to him and you’ll be good.” Later another cook proceeded to explain to me the spider been living there for 2 years and they allowed it because he kept rodents and roaches away.” – Not_a_Terminator



fingerSource: https://www.thestreet.com/

“A diner in Bloomington, Indiana found a finger alongside his hamburger when he dined at a local TGI Friday’s. A member of the kitchen staff had cut off a portion of his finger and, in the confusion that arose when people rushed to help the man, the finger ended up on a plate. It was only a small piece of finger, but the diner noticed it immediately.”


Don't Drink the Milkshake

milkshakeSource: https://www.oola.com/

“An angry employee, who got fired, pooped in a milkshake machine. The machine was only cleaned a few days later.”

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