25 Most Disturbing Government Secrets Ever Revealed

Ideally, governments should be transparent and open about their activities. However, for reasons involving national security, sometimes governments need to classify information to protect it from enemies abroad. Over time, when the threat becomes no longer relevant, governments might declassify information, potentially revealing some disturbing things. Are you curious about what your government has been up to? Here are 25 most disturbing government secrets ever revealed.

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World War II Cat Bombs

cat bombsSource: http://io9.gizmodo.com/oh-my-god-there-were-cat-bombs-during-world-war-ii-1480930509

In World War II, the US military needed an effective way to bomb German boats. So, they thought, cats don’t like water and are fairly agile when landing on their feet, why not strap a bomb to them? They figured if the cats landed in the water, they’d immediately try to swim toward the nearest boat. But when they tested it out, the cats ended up passing out and sinking into the water.


Acoustic Kitty

spy catSource: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/06/acoustic-kitty-technological-history-of-american-espionage/396728/

Staying on the topic of cats, in the Cold War, the CIA came up with the idea of using cats as spies. Spending $10 million, they put microphones and a radio transmitter inside a cat in hopes they’d get passed security and spy on the Soviets. However, on their first try, their spy cat crossed the street and got ran over by a taxi. The project was shut down soon after.


SL-1 Reactor Explosion

ALPRSource: http://www.radiationworks.com/sl1reactor.htm

On January 3rd, 1961, the world’s first fatal atomic accident occurred at a power plant. Three men were killed in the incident. One man was blown up to the ceiling, impaled on a control rod. His body remained there for days before he was finally taken down. The three dead bodies were so radioactive, they had to bury them in lead coffins.


Shirō Ishii’s War Crime Immunity

Shiro-ishiiSource: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/unbelievable-shiro-ishii-japanese-general-who-oversaw-unit-731-thousands-of-horrific-war-crimes-during-wwii-was-given-immunity-in-exchange-for-human-experimentation-data-and-may-have-gone-onto.html/2

During World War II in Japan, Shirō Ishii captured around 10,000 men during the course of the war and experimented on them with biological weapons. When Ishii was arrested by the US military, he negotiated his immunity from a war crimes tribunal if he gave them his research. They accepted. Shirō Ishii is said to have relocated to Maryland where he continued to advise on biological weapons.


Lab 257

plumSource: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/05/17/nyregion/closely-guarded-secrets-some-islands-you-can-t-get-to-visit.html

On Plum Island, the United States has a building called “Lab 257” which is a facility where they tested biological weapons. While nefarious schemes have all been denied by them, documents were uncovered showing they had planned to use the weapons against Russian pigs, cattle, and horses to disrupt their economy.

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