25 Most Evil Women In History

Evil comes in all shapes and sizes. Men, women, and even children have all been known to be exceedingly evil. Today we’re here to talk about the “fairer sex.” Who are these women? From female serial killers and ruthless political dictators to feared drug queen-pins and sadistic Nazi commandants, here are the 25 Most Evil Women In History.

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Gertrude Baniszewski

Gertrude Baniszewski Source: murderpedia.org

Also known as the Torture Mother, Gertrude Baniszewski was an Indiana divorcee who oversaw and facilitated a prolonged torture, mutilation, and eventual murder of a teenage girl, Sylvia Likens. It was later discovered that the death and majority of the torture was actually carried out under Baniszewski’s instruction by her teenage children and other kids from the neighborhood. When the woman was convicted of first degree murder in 1965, the case was called, “the single worst crime perpetuated against an individual in Indiana’s history.”


Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth BathorySource: cnn.com

Aptly nicknamed the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian noblewoman, and she was probably the most prolific female serial killer of all time. At the end of the 16th century and beginning of the 17th century, Bathory tortured and killed up to 650 girls and young women at her castle in Cachtice, modern Slovakia. The macabre nickname came from her apparent tendency to bathe in the blood of her victims as she believed it would help her maintain her youthful-looking skin.


Ilse Koch

Ilse KochSource: thevintagenews.com

Known as the Witch of Buchenwald, Ilse Koch is considered one of the worst villains of the Holocaust. A wife of the commandant of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald, Karl-Otto Koch, Ilse Koch was a nymphomaniac who tortured prisoners in the concentration camp. She became known for her extremely evil and sadistic behavior. She enjoyed beating the prisoners, forcing them to perform sexual activities, and even skinning those who had distinctive tattoos. She would then use the tattooed skin to cover her books in it.


Ma Barker

Ma BarkerSource: britannica.com

One of the most notorious female criminals in the US history, Ma Barker was the leader of the feared Barker Gang that consisted of her sons. Once the FBI’s Public Enemy Number One, Barker orchestrated a bunch of robberies, murders, and kidnappings throughout the American Midwest during the early 1930’s. In 1935, she was killed in her hideout in Florida in what was the longest shootout in FBI history. Back then, J. Edgar Hoover, FBI’s first director, described her as “the most vicious, dangerous and resourceful criminal brain of the last decade.”


Myra Hindley

Myra HindleySource: thesun.co.uk

Once branded “the most hated woman in Britain,” Myra Hindley and her twisted boyfriend, Ian Brady, shocked the world with terrifying crimes in the 1960’s. In the case known as “The Moors Murders,” the couple raped, tortured, and killed five children aged between 10 and 17 in and around Manchester, England. Hindley was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences. She died in jail in November 2002, aged 60, after suffering respiratory failure following a heart attack.

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