25 Most Exotic And Expensive Bottled Waters On Earth

For the most part, unless you’re without a source of water, buying bottles of water is silly. Even though you can find a free water fountain in developed countries, people still want it. While the average bottled water costs around a dollar, some cost significantly more. There’s a high demand among the wealthy for the expensive stuff extracted from exotic and pure locations. Are you ready to see some crazy expensive bottles of water? Here are 25 Most Exotic And Expensive Bottled Waters On Earth.



gizeSource: https://www.thenational.ae/uae/gold-filtered-water-hopes-to-impress-uae-market-1.385216

Gize isn’t any old water. It’s specially filtered with gold before they bottle it to their markets. So, if you’re into drinking gold, this luxury bottle of water will set you back about $17 a bottle.



bergSource: https://alvinology.com/2008/04/15/worlds-most-expensive-bottled-water/

BERG bottled water claims to come from the water off the glaciers of Newfoundland, Canada. If you want a taste of these fine glaciers, you’ll have to spend at least $155 a case.


Iluliaq Iceberg Water

iluliaqSource: http://business.time.com/2012/07/24/top-10-conspicuously-expensive-purchases/slide/2600-bottle-of-water/

Also, claiming to come from glaciers in the Arctic, you can drink from a unique source of water in the Iluliaq Iceberg bottled water. Though to have that, you’ll need to pay $50 a bottle.


Christian Lacroix (Evian 2008 Limited Edition)

evianSource: https://financesonline.com/top-12-most-expensive-water-brands-in-the-world-kona-nigari-acqua-di-cristallo/

In an attempt to make a higher-class water bottle, Evian partnered with design house Christian Lacroix. They released a limited run of water bottles in 2008 costing $13.95 per water bottle.


Hawaiian Deep Seawater

destinySource: https://financesonline.com/top-12-most-expensive-water-brands-in-the-world-kona-nigari-acqua-di-cristallo/

The creators of Hawaiian Deep Seawater go 3,000 feet underneath the Pacific Ocean to get the water they say is totally free of pollutants. With that in mind, that’s probably why it costs $33.50 a bottle.

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